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Canfor Closure
Economic Resiliency Resources

On January 24, 2023 Canfor announced permanent closure of the Chetwynd Canfor sawmill and pellet plant.   The closure, which will be complete in April 2023, will see the loss of approximately 180 direct jobs. The number of indirect jobs is insurmountable. The effects this announcement is being felt deeply by the employees, their families, contractors and our entire community.  

This page will be updated when new information and programs are available. (Updated MAY 4/23)


Rural Economic Diversification & Infrastructure Program (REDIP)

  • Supports rural economic development projects that promote economic capacity building, resilience, clean economy opportunities and infrastructure development. REDIP funds projects that strengthen communities, build capacity and diversify rural and remote economies in B.C.

  • Open to: Rural Indigenous and non-Indigenous governments and organizations. Up to $1M in funding.


Rural Business and Community Recovery Initiative


Community Transition Rapid Response Teams


BC Jobs 

  • Find your dream job!

Bridging to Retirement Program

  • The Bridging to Retirement program is open for impacted and voluntary full-time workers at least 55 years old – who are B.C. forestry mill workers, forestry-dependent contractors and their employees – to transition to retirement. Forestry workers could be eligible for up to $75,000 in combined retirement bridging funding, depending on individual factors including years of experience, age at retirement and employer contribution. 
























Chetwynd Public Library

  • The Chetwynd Public Library offers computer and internet use, photocopying, faxing and scanning.

Community Futures Peace Liard

  • Community Futures provides services and program supports to entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium sized businesses. They are developmental lenders. That means they work in collaboration with, not in competition to, conventional lenders like banks and credit unions. They also work in partnership with other not-for-profits and community governments to grow and diversify our local economy.

District of Chetwynd

  • At their February 21 meeting, council unanimously approved a motion stating the District of Chetwynd would reimburse any Canfor employee that is being laid off due to the sawmill and pellet plant closure, the cost of one hour with a Certified Financial Planner or Certified Professional Accountant. Contact the District  for more information.

Job Search & Support Services

  • Job Search & Support Services is every step of the way to help you with your job search. Their  employment and training consultants provide one-on-one support, catered to your needs and financial situation to help prepare you for the job application and interview process. Courses include career assessments, interview preparation, resume writing, cover letters and job search strategies.  They also provide Skills Training for Employment Programs and Supports (STEPS) provides participants with in demand skills and certificates to meet local labour market needs.  they offer industry recognized training and courses in security, industry certifications, basic administration, accounting & bookkeeping, post-secondary prep, community support services.  They work with participants to customize their skills training plans and remove barriers to employment including providing personal counselling, driver training supports,  job start clothing and gear, and targeted job search strategies and coaching

Kopar Administration and Employment Services

  • Kopar Administration Ltd. was established in 1997. Since that time we have provided many employment related services to numerous communities throughout the BC Interior and Alberta. Kopar has literally touched and influenced thousands of people in their search to move forward, be that through training opportunities, employment or other community involvement.


  • NENAS promotes economic self-sufficiency by providing job seekers with a range of job search resources and services to help people find long-term employment or advancement opportunities. 

Service BC

  • Service BC provides front line support for many of the hundreds of programs and services the provincial government offers to residents, businesses and visitors.

Tansi Friendship Centre

  • Tansi Friendship Centre's services are completely free and open to the entire community, whether indigenous or not. They offer housing support services, job support and ticket certifications, free counselling services, childcare, medical support, and more.

Work BC Chetwynd

  • WorkBC – is a full-service all encompassing employment program for people that are unemployed or at risk of losing their jobs and are legally entitled to work in Canada and not full-time students. Provides many services, including wage subsidy, occupational skills training, job search skill development, access to technology, disability supports, assessments, short-term certificate training, direct marketing to employers, and more.


Community Futures Taking Care of Business

  • Taking Care of Business is a membership platform providing professional support to businesses, not-for-profits and individuals exploring entrepreneurship throughout British Columbia. Membership includes valuable resources, training opportunities and one-on-one professional support through your local Community Futures office.

Community Futures Business Planning

  • Whether you are a start-up or looking to expand, Community Futures can provide business advice and training at any level.

Futurpreneur Canada

  • Futurpreneur provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39

BC's Venture Capital Tax Program

  • B.C.’s Venture Capital Tax Credit program helps small businesses raise capital by providing investors with a 30% tax credit on the value of their investment.

BYOF handout.jpg


BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund

  • MJF will invest up to $180 million in manufacturing projects to support high-value industrial and manufacturing projects to drive clean and inclusive growth in rural, remote and Indigenous communities. The program will begin accepting proposals on February 28, 2023 and will remain open to proposals for up to two years, or until all funds are allocated.

Community Futures Peace Liard Business Loans

  • Whether your business is in the start-up phase or in a position of expansion, Community Futures gives businesses access to small business loans when traditional financial institutions are unable to help.

Government of Canada: Indigenous Forestry Initiative

  • The Indigenous Forestry Initiative (IFI) provides financial support to Indigenous-led economic development projects in Canada’s forest sector. The Indigenous Forestry Initiative (IFI) accepts applications throughout the year

NDIT Competitive Consulting Rebate

  • The Competitiveness Consulting Rebate program provides a rebate to small and medium-sized businesses in eligible industries for customized consulting services. A rebate of up to 50% to a yearly maximum of $30,000 can be recovered for the cost of external business consulting projects. Projects must focus on increased resiliency, productivity, revenues, profitability and/or job creation.

NDIT Small Business Recovery Consulting rebate

  • This program is designed to help businesses reduce the barrier to accessing professional expertise and recover the costs of third-party consulting projects. These types of projects must focus on ways to sustain business operations and recover business health and profitability to pre-event levels. The SBR Consulting Rebate will reimburse small and medium-sized businesses (operators) for contracted consulting services.

Northern Industries Innovation Fund

  • The Northern Industries Innovation Fund (NIIF) program provides incremental funding to support innovation projects that increase the competitiveness of local businesses in traditional industries across Northern B.C. The program is also intended to support economic diversification and/or viability of businesses to mitigate the economic impact of the pine beetle epidemic. NIIF supports applied research and development, new or improved products and services, and testing of innovative equipment or technologies to support capital investment decisions.


Silviculture Innovation Program

  • The new Silviculture Innovation Program will support new research and innovative practices that better address forest resiliency, ecosystem health and climate adaptation. This program is expected to be up and running in fall 2023


EFAP (Employee & Family Assistance)

  • Walmsley is a 100% Canadian company that provides Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) Services and Wellness Initiatives to public and private sector organizations. 

Tansi Friendship Centre

  • Offering free counselling services to treat all mental health conditions. They also provide referrals and funding options for other health services and treatment facilities outside of the community.

Northern Health

  • The Mental Health and Substance Use Program provides a wide range of programs and services to assist persons and their family experiencing difficulties with mental health and/or substance use. Services vary from short-term assessment and treatment to long-term programs for those with serious and persistent mental illness and/or substance abuse problems.


Community Workforce Response Grant

  • Provides funding to communities and sectors to support in-demand occupational skills training in cohorts of 3 or more leading to secure and sustainable employment. The Community Response stream specifically, is dedicated to meet the immediate skills training needs of communities impacted by downturns in the forest sector due to old-growth deferrals, changes in forest management practices, mill closures and curtailments, or other forestry-related issues. Up to $300,000 in funding available.


Elevation to Employment

  • Participants receive one-on-one counselling/coaching, occupational certificate and on-the-job training in a variety of fields including carpentry, plumbing, education assistant and hair stylist. Computer skills training, work experience, wage subsidies and Indigenous cultural components are also available.     

Training Locations: Chetwynd, Dawson Creek,

Fort St. John, Tumbler Ridge 

Contact: Obair Economic Society,

email or 250-782-2628

Employer Training Grant

  • Provides employers with funding to support skills training for employees, including possible new hires. Provides additional flexibility for workers directly or indirectly impacted by a downturn in the forest sector. Employers looking to adapt to new lines of business are eligible for funding to reskill themselves or their employees. Employers can also access funding to train and hire workers from other companies when those workers are at risk of losing their jobs.

  • Available to Employers in British Columbia(including self-employed workers and contractors)

  • Covers 80% of the cost of training, up to $10,000 per employee, with a maximum annual amount of $300,000 per employer.



Pathways to Employment

  • The Pathways to Employment program provides participants with job search skills, training in computer skills and post-secondary training for certificates in fields such as construction, customer service and security. On-the-job training and work placements with wage subsidies are also included. 

Training Locations: Dawson Creek, Fort St. John

Contact: Horton Ventures Inc., email . or call 250-782-1900

Skills Training for Employment ST

  • Provides skills training and employment supports to help unemployed and precariously employed people overcome barriers and obtain sustainable employment. Specifically, the Impacted Workers stream provides skills training and supports to assist individuals impacted by mill closures and shift reductions. The Older Workers 55+ stream assists with training to support older workers overcome barriers to employment.

Training Location: Dawson Creek

Contact: Dawson Creek Catholic Social Services Society, email: or or call 250-782-6800


Impacted workers:


Broader STE Programs:


mitacs - accelerate

  • For over 20 years, Mitacs has assisted organizations in reaching their business goals, has funded cutting-edge innovation, and has created job opportunities for students and postdocs. We are passionate about developing the next generation of researchers who will work to fuel Canada’s knowledge-based economy

Work BC Wage Subside Program

  • The WorkBC Wage Subsidy program covers a part of employee wages so employers can hire job seekers and provide work opportunities. Both unemployed individuals and employers in B.C. can benefit from WorkBC Wage Subsidy.

Get Youth Working

  • The Program offers Employment Counselling, Job Entry Skills, Certificate Training, Paid Work Experience, Mentoring and Post Job Placement Support to eligible youth 17-29 years of age.  Employers that hire and train eligible youth and provide full time sustainable employment are eligible for a negotiated Wage Subsidy incentive.



Choices for Women Counselling 250-788-5953 5016 50th Ave (F) 250-788-1986

Safe House/Outreach Program 24 hour Crisis Line 250-788-1976 Administration 250-788-1986 5016 50th Ave, Box 1780

Children Who Witness Abuse 250-401-8974 (CWWA) Chetwynd Program (F) 250-788-1986 5016 50th Ave, Box 1780, Chetwynd, BC V0C 1JO

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